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Fair Trade

Our company always works in a fair an ethical manner, prioritizing the safety of clients, employees & environment. 

Safe Workplace

We offer our employees a safe working space. Owing to this, our employees feel motivated to perform their best and help us in accomplishing our group goals.

Quality Assurance

Our company is esteemed in the competitive textile market for our exceptional designing, manufacturing as well as trading skills. To offer the best to our domestic as well as international clients, we make use of top quality fabrics, yarns, dyes and many other types of textile materials. Each material is processed with care, in compliance with the standards and guidelines of the industry. Further, the produced stock of Cot Bumpers, Ladies Clothing and other textile perfections is quality tested prior to sale. One can rely on the quality, design accuracy, colorfastness and many other features of our collection, all the features are confirmed during the testing process. This way, we manage to dispatch a remarkable range, on a regular basis. 


We are regularly improving our supply chain and standing tall in the industry because of self realization of responsibilities towards customers, employees and society. 


Constantly bringing forth best in class Ladies Clothing, Cot Bumpers, etc., we have been honored with varied certifications. The quality, fair trade practices and many other certifications that we have received are proof of our excellence and talent. 

An Environment Friendly Company!

  • Sustainable Fabrics: The company focuses on weaving each and every textile products using regenerated, renewable organic as well as biodegradable fabrics. 
  • Organic Cotton: We constantly promote use of organic cotton. Owing to this, we have the approval of NPOP (National Program me for Organic Production). 
  • Organic Cotton Farming: Safe organic farming is done through companion planting, on site green waste composing and consistent corporations. This technique of farming preserves the ecosystem. The cotton is grown from non genetically modified seeds, it is organically formed without the use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Ethically Made Range: We are praised by many non profit organizations as we assure ethical production of our range. For this, we recruit people without making any bias. We do not discriminate and offer all of them fair wages. Rights of workers & gender equality is promoted, child labor is prohibited.  
  • Ethical Treatment of Animals: The farmers associated with our company follow all the animal welfare and protection laws, while working. This allows us to assure that no animals are harmed in the process of making our range
  • Environmental Practices: Our company adhere to the environment protection laws, while not just manufacturing our collection but also while trading. This way, we preserve our mother nature and reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Environmentally Dyes & Washes: We make use of inks as well as dyes that perfectly adheres to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). The used dyes & inks do not contain chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, toxic heavy mitoses and any other harmful chemicals. This leaves a massive positive impact on the environment.  
  • Relying On Tencel: Our enterprise is engaged in using Lenzing Tencel, it is a biodegradable fiber which is manufactured using wood pulp. We process and obtain the same in an eco friendly manner. 


The infrastructure space that we own is backed with latest machines, reliable equipment and other essential amenities. The premises is kept clean to prevent dirt from hindering our quality performance as well as to prevent contamination of our dyes, inks and other textile formulations used in the process. The infrastructure is standing tall on a large areas of land. It is separated into several facilities, including:

  • Weaving Facility
  • Designing Facility
  • Quality Control Facility
  • Cutting Facility
  • Stitching Facility
  • Ironing Facility
  • Packing Facility
  • Training Facility
  • Hand Working Facility
  • Hand Printing Facility
  • Fire & Safety Facility

Our Impact

We have been working hard to make a three dimensional impact, focusing on creating impressive ecological, social and economic impacts. Understand the impacts that we make briefly from below points: 

  • Social Impact: Majority of our production related procedures are carried out by female workers (70%). Our enterprise is committed to provide industry leading working conditions to all our workers in terms of health & safety, fair labor practices and more. We offer standardized wages to the team working at our premises. We also conduct many educational awareness, health and other social events to help the community grow. We are a working association with many social & green organizations and NGOs. 
  • Ecological Impact: Constantly, we focus on making a positive impact on environment, we never put the environment in danger by our processes and working style. At all times, we guide our team members to use the most reliable as well as environment friendly materials. We complete each production task in adherence to the GOTS. 
  • Economic Impact: With our incredible performance in the market, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the textile industry. We have become a name to be reckoned with, owing to our fair trade practices and social & environment responsible way of working. Owing to all this, our presence in the country has made a huge economic impact. 

Empowerment: Helping Underprivileged 

Our enterprise is constantly empowering women, socially neglected and other underprivileged groups in India. Developing their skills and educating them, allow us to help them a little in life. We employ all of our employees on the basis of talent not by judging their standing in society.

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